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We take pride in our trading team, and we are very proud of the success we have created for thousands of forex traders. See some of our success stories below ... are you next?

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Lior Romanowsky


Meet Lior Romanowsky

Lior Romanowsky, is a high risk trader from Israel who enjoys trading stocks. Lior seems to be more of a medium risk trader when you really analyze his stats. Over the last year he has gained almost 100%! Because Lior has been placing really smart trades, BestForexTeam decided to invest in him!

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Eduardo Jose Torcello


Meet Eduardo Torcello

Eduardo Torcello, is a medium risk trader from Argentina who enjoys trading currencies. Eduardo had a tough start, but has drastically improved over the last 6 months on eToro. In the last 6 months he has gained 38.9%! Because Eduardo has improved so much, BestForexTeam decided to invest in him!

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Eduardo Melo


Meet Eduardo Melo

Eduardo Melo, is a low risk trader from Chile. Eduardo has quickly risen to the top of the ranks by making smart trades. Over the last year on eToro he has never gone into the green and steadily gains profits. Because Eduardo has never lost a trade, BestForexTeam decided to invest in him!

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Omar Haddar


Meet Omar Haddar

Omar Haddar, is a high risk trader from Romania. Omar makes most of his money trading Currencies and Commodities. Over the last year on eToro he has proven a sound strategy, gaining over 1,340%! Because Pablo has extremely high gains, BestForexTeam decided to invest in him!

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Pablo Sanchez Lazano


Pablo Sanchez Lozano

Pablo Lozano or pablosensei, is a medium risk trader from Spain. Pablo primarily trades stocks and copies others traders. Over the last year on eToro he has stayed in the green the whole time. Because Pablo has extremely high gains for a medium risk trader, BestForexTeam decided to invest in him!

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Exceptional Traders on BestForexTeam: Josep Centellas

Give a warm welcome to Josep Centellas

There are many traders in the world today who are doing very well for themselves. Josep Centellas, or JCasals97 is definitely one of these traders! He owes his success primarily to The good people at BestForexTeam gave Josep a beginning bankroll to trade with on eToro to help start his career.

Over the last 6 months on eToro Frank has gained 362% and has won 1,342 out of 1598 trades. That's impressive! It's nice to see an investment payoff and for one of our traders to become one of the most copied traders on eToro! We look forward to his continued success on eToro and are looking for our next investment. We think that it could be you! Click the link below and learn how you can get started trading with 0 from BestForexTeam!


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Blog 2014-07-10


Kaushik Mukherjee

Kaushik is a high risk trader from India who behaves like a low risk trader. He takes his time and goes big only when he knows he will win. Because Kaushik keeps his drawdown low and his gains high, BestForexTeam decided to invest in him!

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Imran Shaik


Meet Imransheikh9585

Imran is a high risk trader from Bahrain, India that has the largest gain I've seen of any trader on eToro. Imran's patience is the reason he's been so successful. To think that the initial money he used to start trading came from BestForexTeam!

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