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Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions from members AND guests. We have tried to answer them in a way that will help you understand who we are, what we do, and most importantly - how we can help you make money trading.

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General Questions is a website dedicated to making our members money through forex trading. Through a sense of collective education and community, we take on traders of all experience levels and help them make money in the markets. To this end, we help fund your beginning trading bankroll, giving brand new traders the chance to recognize their profit potential through trading.

Outside of offering you free money to start your trading, we also make use of eToro’s CopyTrader technology, allowing every trader to automatically copy the trades of anyone they choose. This means you make the exact same trades, and share in the same profits, as anyone you choose. And the best part is we tell you who to copy based on all of our scanning, research, and profit potential formulas. We do all of the work for you and tell you how to make automatic profits – that’s what is all about.

Not even a little bit. We take on traders that have never even heard of forex trading before and they profit just as much as the rest of us professionals. Through eToro CopyTrader, traders automatically copy the exact same trades as anyone else on the eToro network, meaning they never have to place a trade themselves and can still profit even if they know nothing about the markets.

Additionally, we provide a constantly growing source of educational materials for those traders looking to learn about their new craft. From trading articles, forum posts from expert traders, webinars, trading education videos and much more, even the most experienced and savvy of investors has a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.

eToro Questions

eToro is an online trading brokerage for Foreign Exchange (FOREX) trading. Traders from around the globe use this marketplace to execute trades on currency pairs, commodities, and a few stocks in hopes of profiting. Not too long ago, forex trading was only allowed to investors with tens of thousands of dollars to trade, but with the creation of eToro now traders can take part in the action with as little as $100.

CopyTrader is a revolutionary software developed by eToro that allows any trader within the eToro network to automatically execute the trades of any other trader all with the click of a few buttons. IN other words, let others trade your money for you. Each trader can copy up to 5 other traders, giving you instant diversification. While you never have to make a trade yourself, you manage your portfolio of CopyTrader’s deciding which ones to invest your money in and how long they stay a part of your portfolio.

For a more in depth look at CopyTrader, click here.

Here you have two options – we give you a constantly updated list of our most recommended traders to copy or you can develop one yourself. If you are new to the game, we highly recommend following our list as we spend hours of research time deciding who gives our members the best change to grow their trading balances.

In determining a worth trader to copy, there are numerous factors to consider, most notably the amount of risk you are willing to take on in your trading. As a simple rule of thumb, the more profits traders generate, the more risk you have of losing on your investment. If you want to get rich quick through a trader you also run a higher risk of losing your entire investment. Other factors we research include: assets traded, frequency of closing trades, winning percentages of closed trades, leverage used, average position holding duration, etc.

Every two weeks we update our trading team recommendations and make them available to our traders. Use these recommendations or some of your own to build your portfolio.

For a more in depth look at CopyTrader, click here.

On eToro, each trader has a profile page dedicated to their trading. On this page you will be able to see stats of their trading history, their profitability, and which assets they trade. Also, and important to you, this is where you add them to your copying portfolio.

Once you are on the profile page of a trader you want to add to your account, click the big blue ‘Copy’ button underneath their profile picture. Click it and you will be led through the very easy process to determine your copying allocation to this trader. You may copy up to 5 traders at any one time.

Of course not. No profits are guaranteed, but I can personally guarantee you that if you stick with my system, you're on the "right side" and giving yourself the best chance to generate consistent profits. Each trader must be aware that trading involves risk of losing their investment. It is vital that every trader considers his or her maximum loss willingness, and sets realistic goals and expectations accordingly.

This is the hard part – if your trading team is making you money, we don’t recommend switching things up. However, if you are making money overall, but there is one or two traders that are consistently losing trades, you might want to look at our most recent recommendations of trader and add them with your other profitable traders. We update our trading recommendations once every two weeks so be sure to be familiar with how each member of your portfolio is performing and know when a trade might be beneficial to you.

$100 Free Questions

We both know we wouldn’t give away cash if it didn’t somehow benefit us in the end – it does. For every trade made we make a tiny fraction of the fee charge to execute that trade. All you need to know is that we make our money when our traders make profits. It truly is a mutually beneficial situation.

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