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My Trading System Below Will Change Your Live - Read Carefully!


In order to use my system below you must have a funded etoro account
*$100 min deposit

Let me welcome you to My CopyTrader System - 5 minutes from now you will understand how it will change your financial life forever.

Even if you have never placed a trade before, you are probably aware that there are professionals making trades and getting rich - every minute of every day. Right?

What if I told you that you could copy the best traders in the world?

Even while you sleep ... 100% automated?

Well - with my system, you will!

Attention: This is very important

My System automatically copies every trade from the best traders in the world!

Get started below in just 5 minutes!

Let me make this very clear - I Copy the Best Traders in the World...

My system uses eToro's CopyTrader functionality - and it uses it extensively. Fortunately, it will take you TWO minutes to master - it's very easy, and will allow you to automatically copy every single trade placed by the best traders in the world.

Even While I'm Sleeping!

The CopyTrader software allows my trading account to grow even while I'm sleeping. If my pro traders make a trade, it's automatically placed in my account at the exact same time.This is the key to my success!


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Mastering CopyTrader is vital in getting your account to automatically work for you while you are out enjoying life. Don’t worry, it’s very easy and will take you only a few minutes to master.

Just follow the steps below:

  • Log in to eToro Account

    THIS IS IMPORTANT: You MUST be logged in to your eToro trading account or you will not be able to use CopyTrader.

    Do This First!

  • Visit Any Trader's Profile

    The eToro Openbook lists EVERY trader on the eToro platform (there are millions). The key is finding good traders to Copy, and this is where we come in! We will tell you exactly who to copy right now (see below) - and we will update you every week.

    Later, you will learn how to find others to copy on your own with our Advanced CopyTrader section.

  • Click the Button

    Once you have found a trader to copy and you are on their eToro profile page, you will see a blue "COPY" button. Click that button!

  • Enter Your Investment Amt

    A popup box will appear, asking you exactly how much you want to invest in the trader you have chosen to CopyTrade. This feature is amazing - you type in how much you want to invest in this trader and CopyTrader will AUTOMATICALLY copy every single trade they place in your eToro account - even while you sleep!

That's All - You Are Ready!

Literally - that's all you need to know how to do to make a LOT of money with my system - I guarantee it!

Now, the million dollar question...

How do you know who to COPY?

Now that you know how to operate CopyTrader, the first question you will ask yourself is "Who should I copy?!" This is where I come in!

There are millions of traders on the eToro platform. Like most forms of online trading, most of them will lose money. Some of them will make a ton of money and even get rich. The beautiful thing is, the eToro openbook is 100% transparent, which allows me to study important data to find the very best traders to copy.

I do the dirty work - I will TELL YOU WHO TO COPY!

I will make this VERY easy for you.

I will give you TWO METHODS to know who to Copy:

  • METHOD #1: My Personal Top 10

    I have scans running 24/7 to collect data on eToro traders and then run them through an algorithm. In the end, I get a beautiful report EVERY WEEK of the top 10 traders to copy. I will always share this with you and I strongly suggest you copy these traders, too!

    NOTE: As a member of my team, I will also email you every week with an updated list so all you need to do is look for the email and update your eToro account!

  • METHOD #2: Most Followed Traders on eToro

    In case you want more traders to take a look at, I provide you with this tool to quickly show you the MOST FOLLOWED TRADERS on eToro. If you click the "Copy Trader »" button, it will take you to their profile where you can decide for yourself if you want to invest in them!

    Learn More About Social Trading

I know my system works - because I have used it to earn over $2 million in trading profits over the past 2 years. I golf, take vacations, and basically do everything I want to do the way I want to do it, because I know my trading account is growing in the background while I do these amazing things.

I offer every one of my members my $250 Profit Guarantee when you fund your eToro account...

$250 guarantee

i personally guarantee you will earn a minimum of $250 with my copytrader system. if you do not, i will pay you $100 cash out of my own pocket.
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